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Drain Ninjas Limited is a New Zealand owned and operated business, whose Ninjas have over 25 years experience in the drainage industry and the founder has over 40 years business experience. Our System integrates safety, health, environmental and quality service and solutions.

We understand the importance of service and solutions along with providing advice for healthy drains in the future.

We have the latest and internationally recognised plant and equipment, operated by our highly trained and experienced Ninjas.

We have a genuine commitment to innovation and providing solutions for our customers. We understand the importance of healthy drains and ensure our customers do too.  The health of a drain is no different to other health issues, if not maintained or working correctly this can lead to a very expensive repair bill not only for the drain system but for property and contents. As with other health issues the problems can disrupt your life and usually occur at the most inconvenient times.

Blocked sewers can cause major health issues.  Don’t under estimate the damage a blocked storm water drain can do. Drain Ninjas can provide a cost effective on-going maintenance programme to ensure the longevity and effective operation of drains.

We specialise in residential and small to medium business enterprises.

We are Ninjas because we are fast, efficient and solution driven.



Unless credit has been approved prior to us providing any goods and services all accounts are due and payable on the day that goods and services are provided. If an account is not paid in full on the day goods and services are provided and remains unpaid for 30 days. It may be referred to our debt recovery agency Debtworks New Zealand Limited. All reasonable costs of or incurred by Drain Ninjas as result of non-payment including but not limited to administration charges, debt collection costs and legal costs as between solicitor, agents and client shall be payable by you. Your account may also be recorded on a credit information database held by a credit reporting agency.

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