Have you paid any attention to your home’s grease traps lately? If you’re like many New Zealand homeowners, you might not have one in the first place. These nifty devices trap fats, oils, greases and solid waste when it’s poured down the drain, keeping it from entering your local sewage system and causing havoc. While your grease trap might start stinking or causing water to back up to indicate that it needs cleaning, often it will give no sign there’s a problem until it’s too late. Here’s why you should invest in regular grease trap cleaning and what happens when you don’t.


What happens when people fail to clean their grease traps or don’t install one at all? It enters or blocks New Zealand’s wastewater system. The accumulated fat, grease and oil hardens and blocks pipes, causing wastewater to back up and escape through utility holes and stormwater grates – some of which empty into nearby lakes and rivers . This can pump E-coli and other harmful bacteria into public water sources, making them unfit for swimming.

Even more disgusting is what happens to the actual accumulated fat, oil and grease. It tends to combine with other non-degradable items such as baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, condoms and nappies. The resulting ‘fatberg’ becomes a massive lump of congealed waste that can grow to the size of 11 double-decker buses and as long as two football pitches.


While you may think a blocked grease trap system doesn’t affect anyone, you’re wrong. According to one New Zealand Government official, 80% of all waste overflows from 2016 and 2017 were in part caused by fats, oils and grease. Also, local councils spen t close to a million dollars on large-scale pipe inspections, flushing and renewals. Like it or not, you’re indirectly paying for these services which is why you should take every measure possible to prevent it from occurring.


By keeping your sinks free of anything but water and ensuring your grease trap is routinely maintained, cleaned and replaced, you’re paying a small price to protect New Zealand’s water and plumbing systems. As experts in grease trap cleaning, the Drain Ninjas in Auckland are ready to get the job done

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